Film Production Services in the Algarve

FTV Productions Algarve Lda. Unipessoal (“Production Algarve”) is a professional Film Production Service Company registered and based in the Algarve (Portugal) that focus on the Algarve. Therefor our team of  local service producers  knows this whole region like no other and have meanwhile built an unique position and a good reputation as a local film production service company , not only among the many international film producers but also among the local governments and authorities. Production Algarve has a collaboration with worldwide working  production company   World Production Fixers SL. .

“We love what we do and therefore our service is carried out in our own remarkable, warm, committed and personal way.”

Nina Klunder, Founder / Production Coordinator / Manager Business incentives

Our Services

Production Algarve was formed to establish a local full service and facilities company. Clients are foreign film production- and broadcast companies shooting their projects in the Algarve, Portugal. Production Algarve offer professional and complete film production support, and they oversee and personally ensure the success of full production services. Their local producers and crew are ready for your next film or TV production. In feature films we have a close collaboration with Moviebox Premiere and Spy Manor Productions.

What others say about us

Mark Wootton


"Even a major shift of rescheduling due to time constraints was dealt with unflinching professionalism. I imagine that was difficult for you guys but I can say with assurance it didn't filter down to talent level which is a rare thing and that, my friend, is testament to your team's professionalism."

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