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Film locations in the Algarve

Film locations in the Algarve. The Algarve is the most southern region of Portugal and one of the most attractive areas for filming due to its all-year mild weather, variety and beauty of its beaches, cities, sites and landscapes. This area is famous for some of the most stunning beaches and impressing coast lines in the whole world. The Algarve enjoys the best climate in Europe, with the highest amount of sunshine hours. It has an average of over 300 sunny shooting days per year. The maximum temperatures in the Algarve vary throughout the year between 15º C and 40º C.  The light is clean and clear, similar to that of South Africa and the Caribbean. We concentrate only on the Algarve and due to the many years of local production service we know all special spots and places and our location fixers managed to build up a good personal contact with the local authorities.

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